Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a custom product not available in the store?

Yes, you can we made an handcraft work for this reason. To offer realistic fantasy objects that you can't find in any other place.

Can I pay on delivery?

Not yet, we are a little company. We are not ready yet to accept this kind of payment system.

Can I return the product?

We prefer that the purchased product remains yours, but if you don't like it, you can return it in 14 days from when you received it. The only excpetion is if the product has been customized. In that case we do not offer returns. However if the product received is different from that selected we will provide to change it. In any case you can use the contact page to contact us.

Are the products stored in a warehouse?

No, all the products are made on order request.

How long does it take for the item to be shipped?

It requires the production time plus the shipping time for a total amount of 30 days or more. You will be notified via email in any case or for any delay.

Do the products sold on the site come from film sets?

No, they are realistic reproduction handmade. Thery are handicraft works.

Do the products sold on the site have any magic power?

No, most proably the come to you without any kind of magic power.

I have been scammed, what can I do?

If you have visited a website that looks like ours or use our logo you can compile the report fraud module. However we can not help you. You should always contact local authorities.

Do you accept cryptocurrencies?

Yes, you can. You can read why we choose to accept this kind of payment and you can learn more about cryptocurrencies in the questions below.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Good question. There isn't a real univoque definition of cryptocurrency but essentially is a currency like dollar or euro that use cryptography to grant transactions. Usually the cryptography system is also used to limit the production of the coin.

What are the classic aspects of a cryptocurrency?

One of the most important aspects of a cryptocurrency is the possibility to implement custom computers or servers to validate transactions. The mayority, if not all, of the available cryptocurrencies use a peer to peer network system to make the currency works. This system is called blockchain. Different computers araound the world work together to validate transactions and generate cryptocurrency. Every cryptocurrency generated is assigned to the user who own a node on the blockchain. Than this user can transfer his cryptocurrency for free to other users or in exchange of something (money, objects, food). A user that generates a cryptocurrency is called miner and in the first created cryptocurrency it was also a transaction validator.

What was the idea behind cryptocurrencies?

Banks in real world control economy, the market itself it's controlled by governaments or other entities. Our little transactions with credit, prepaid or debit cards are controlled and taxation is applied over it. Cryptocurrencies are born with the intection to create another payment system alternative to the main one. The idea was to grant the same security and anonymatus of paper money. However, speculators and new users have forgotten it. Many modern users of cryptocurrencies are attracted by easy earning. And many platforms are born to cheat the poor investor.

What happened to cryptocurrencies?

Some developers, perhaps controlled by governaments or other agencies, have created web platforms that are offering services of exchange or trading on cryptocurrencies. The standard user that doens't know anything about the math behind the cryptocurrencies is misled to think that you have to pay real money to get cryptocurrency and you have to pay fees if you want to exchange your cryptocurrency with someone else. But the most absurd situation is that the real owner of the cryptocurrency is not anymore the user but the platform that the user uses as a wallet. Cryptocurrency became what it was meant to defeat.

Why now there are so many cryptocurrencies?

That's another good question. Many developers and scammers have seen the profit that can be done if every user think that can make real money with cryptocurrencies. And about each month a new cryptocurrency without any security is created and loaded on this scamming web interfaced platforms.

Why we shouldn't use classic cryptocurrencies?

The main reason is that blockchain is not secure. Who owns money or power in real life can easly own a blockchain. Actually to run a validation system you need to spend a lot of money in maintenance and electricity. Cryptocurrencies that claims new methods of validations that should be done with low power consumption are most probably fake. Especially if consider that implementations of Elliptic Curve Cryptography protection behind some great cryptocurrencies is knew to have vulnerabilities. So if even the classic method is a dangerous scam try to guess what it is a method that claims to use hard disk space to secure your coins.