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Welcome new user, before proceeding in register an account you shall read the following statement. We are a family company offering an online service to provide fantasy products to any kind of person. We are not a centralized e-commerce, big and smart like amazon, bestbuy and so on.. For this reason we ask to our clients to be patient, it's important for us because we don't have the same management ability of a big e-commerce and every product sold on this website is an handcraft work. Even this website has been done with a big effort. To fulfill an order we have to create the requested product, and only then we can ship it. This operation could require 40 days, be patient. We are unable to fight fraud and scam so for security reason we use your email or phone number to contact you only if you have ordered something and only to inform you about the shipping state not to request money. For the same security reason you can't use email or phone to retrieve your password or client id. You can register an account through this web platform only. Any other account registered through other platforms is not authentic and is not consider valid from us. At the end of the registration form, you will find a number, that number is your client id. You need it any time you make an access on the e-commerce. You can read more about us inside the FAQ page, Term of Use page, Privacy page and About page.