Terms of use

Terms and regulamentations

These terms of use are applied automatically and internationally to all our clients that use our services. These terms are a legal agreemnt between us (the market place) and you (the client). Data gathered from you and your devices during the use of our services are collected in a full respect of our privacy policy statemenet that you can consult in the dedicated page.

We define our services as all activities that can include the e-commerce or one or more of our memebers, affiliates or employee in legal trouble. However, to avoid abuse of that definition, we specify that our services are: interations with our employees, members or affiliates finalized to use some options inside the online website or inside our software or to receive and make working our hardware, all the services offered by our online website that are directed connected with us, and that offered through our api or other computer software offerd by us (the market place). We dissoce ourself from any operation made from someone external to the e-commerce in the name of Dahara, its affiliates or the Dahara group. Generically, initiatives promoted by our clients or from our employees as individual are not related with us and these actions will not involve the market place.

We reserve the right to remove or amend the content on this website or onto other services and product offered without notice the client. However, this paragraph will be conformed to single agreement with our clients.

Online conduct through our services

This websites and other services are provided as is. You cannot pretend more than what is offered after you have subscribed an agreement or after you have used a service. You accept that you can only politly ask to improve a service and nothing else. You accept to use our services as intended and you will never use one of our services to violates any regulation or international law. You accept to don't interfere or alter the content and the services offered by our websites, or other services offered from us or our affiliates. You may not obstruct, remove, or otherwise alter any proprietary rights, compliance, or other notices provided with our services including the website. When you interact to other users through our service you will conduct yourself appropriately and communicate with other users professionally and respectfully.

Account conditions

You can have only one free account. The only way to open an account is through our website any account open through third parts organizations could not be recognized. In any case we are not responsible to froud conduct from third parts organization that are not our affiliates or members. We, repeat that the only way to open an account is through or online web services. No phone support is granted in any circumstance. We do not offer any phisical location to open an account or perform any other operation. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy and security of your login method. We grant an event viewer for unauthorized transactions or accesses.

Intellectual property

You understand and agree that the logo, the name, titles, softwares, documents and material offered through our website or our services are under copyright of our market place and their authors. Uses without prior written consent of Dahara is considered by us and all countries that offered a copyright law, illegal. The Dahara group maintains trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other branding material for itself and its organizations, affiliates or members.


The protection of your information privacy and security is important to us. You can read our privacy statement here. Consider that we can collect some data and set some cookies to protect our services.

External links

Sometimes we are forced to insert links to third-party websites. If these websites are not related with us we don't have any ability to control them. If one of this linked website got corrupted or infected with malware or perform some phishing operation against you we are not responsible for any of those circumstance. You further understand and accept the risk to visit an external website linked on our website or software. We ensure to the best of our ability that every link present on our website will be secure. However, we cannot do nothing if your device get infected or become victim of DNS hijacking.

Final notes

These terms can expand or/and be part of single client's contract. Single contract are stipulated any time a user request a customized product. You can find general single contract inside the documentation section.
We reserve the right to modify these terms without notice the client.
Latest revision: 9 April 2022.